Supported Employment in Ohio`


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~~“Supported Employment services help people with serious mental health conditions enter and succeed in the competitive labor market. Person-centered services are provided by teams of employment, mental health and work incentives/benefits specialists. Through these services, individuals find and maintain employment of their choice, and advance toward career development goals. [link]

How does the job placement process work?
Supported Employment specialists work one on one with community employers to understand workforce needs and respond with qualified job candidates who become available through the program. When an employment match is made, both the employer and employee are supported over time as needed. Supported Employment specialists also provide education on the benefits of diversity-inclusive workplaces and help employers get started. There is no cost to employers at any point. [link]

What is Individual Placement and Support (IPS)?
IPS is an evidence-based practice of Supported Employment services, often regarded as the employment service standard of care. Providers adhere to eight core IPS principles, e.g., person-centered preferences and access to work incentives and benefits planning. In Ohio, providers who achieve Qualified IPS-SE status, are deemed to be vendors of Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) -- the CARF accreditation requirement is waived. Learn more about IPS Qualified Provider status [link to employment rule section] and the IPS evidence-based practice. See below for more information about IPS.”

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