Optional Program for Hiring Applicants with Disabilities


State Policies & Initiatives: 
“G. Subsections A through E of this section shall not apply to persons with severe disabilities who are considered for employment under the provisions of this subsection. Provided, said persons may elect instead to be considered for employment according to the procedures set out in subsections A through E of this section.
1. As used in this subsection "persons with severe disabilities" means persons certified as having disabilities according to standards and procedures established by the Administrator. Said standards and procedures shall be developed by the Administrator of the Office of Personnel Management with the assistance of the Office of Handicapped Concerns, and the Department of Rehabilitation Services.
2. Agencies of this state may employ persons with severe disabilities who are legal residents of the state in competitive and noncompetitive jobs. Except for the requirement of minimum qualifications specified in applicable job specifications, such persons with disabilities shall be exempt from entrance examinations and hiring procedures administered by the Office of Personnel Management pursuant to this section and Section 840-4.13 of this title.”
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