Lane v. Brown Settlement (12-29-2015)


The Agreement converts all of the structural reforms to Oregon’s employment service system identified in Executive Order 15-01 into binding and enforceable legal obligations, and significantly expands on those requirements by establishing new systemic requirements, firm implementation dates, and integration criteria for the provision of supported employment services. The key terms are as follows:
…3. The State will help 1,115 persons who have worked in sheltered workshops (out of about 4,000 persons who have worked in sheltered workshops since 2012) to obtain community jobs at a competitive wage. Agreement, § V.3. That number was taken directly from the State’s existing IEP.
4. The State will issue “guidance” that the recommended standard for services is the “opportunity” to work at least 20 hours per week, if that is what the individual wants. Agreement, § VII.1
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