2020 – 2022 State Agency Wellness Plan Guidance Document


State Policies & Initiatives: 
Policies and Programs

“Executive Order 17-01, State Agency Employee Wellness directs executive branch agencies to establish two-year wellness plans detailing the agency’s objectives and activities to assess and improve employee health….


Agencies are responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating workplace wellness-related efforts.


Guidelines for Disability Inclusion…Wellness planning guidelines:

1. Goals include employees with disabilities – activities explicitly or unambiguously state that employees with disabilities are included.

2. Planning includes input from employees with disabilities – employees share what makes activities accessible and inclusive.

3. Activities are accessible – activities are conducted in accessible environments.

4. Accommodations are provided - the individual needs of employees are accommodated.

5. Outreach and communication efforts are inclusive – a variety of accessible methods are used to promote and conduct activities (large print, captioning, braille, interpreters.)

Put the person first, not the disability. Example: Mary uses a wheelchair (not confined or bound to a wheelchair). TJ has cerebral palsy (not CP victim)….

8. Follow-up and evaluation collection methods are accessible - include feedback from employees with disabilities.”

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  • Mental Health
  • Cross-Agency Collaboration / Partnerships
  • Resource Leveraging
  • Public Employer Benefit Board
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