Strategic, sustainable investments define 2019-21 budget


State Policies & Initiatives: 
Policies and Programs

~~“•Aging and People with Disabilities -$31.6 million to fund 20 client care surveyor positions, along with program investments that include cost of living adjustments for assisted living facilities, residential care facilities, in-home agencies and PACE

•Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities-$30 million increase to provide meaningful increases in wages for direct support providers to stabilize the workforce by reducing turnover and providing better continuity of care

o$23.9 million of dedicated Measure 96 Lottery Funds for veterans’ services across multiple agencies (Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Criminal Justice Commission, Oregon Health Authority, and Bureau of Labor and Industries)

o24% increase of the 2017-19 Legislatively Approved Budget and a 175% increase over the 2015-17 Legislatively Approved Budget for veterans’ services (excluding debt service.”

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