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~~These resources can provide specific information to assist in the transition of students with disabilities from school to work or to higher education.

TAGG Flyer - Transition Assessment and Goal Generator - A new online transition assessment for high school students with disabilities who plan to be employed and/or enrolled in postsecondary education after graduation
Age Appropriate Transition Assessment Toolkit - NSTTAC (2013). Age Appropriate Transition Assessment Toolkit Third Edition.
University of North Carolina at Charlotte, A. R. Walker, L. J. Kortering, C. H. Fowler, D. Rowe, & L. Bethune.
Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities  - Planning My Way to Work - a guide for students with disabilities and their families to help navigate services and community resources on the path from school to work.

Transition Planning Checklist for IEP Teams - Flowchart of IEP Meeting and Transition Planning steps to include in the IEP

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