Progress on Implementing the WIOA Combined /State Plan


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~~“Pennsylvania has made significant progress implementing the goals and sub-goals outlined in the WIOA Combined State Plan. Some highlights of this progress include:
Goal 1.2 relates to developing a comprehensive career pathways system in Pennsylvania. To promote this goal, the PA WDB Career Pathways and Apprenticeship Committee is developing a common definition of career pathway for Pennsylvania, and accompanying visuals, to create a common understanding of the model and its partners across the commonwealth.
Goal 1.3 relates to mainstreaming job seekers with barriers to employment to the maximum extent possible. To promote this goal, in September 2016, Governor Wolf issued Executive Order 2016-03 establishing an Employment First policy and increasing opportunities for competitive, integrated employment for Pennsylvanians with a disability. In June 2018, Governor Wolf signed a law codifying this Employment First policy.”

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