“Employment Opportunities for Rural Residents with Disabilities in Pennsylvania”


State Policies & Initiatives: 
Training/Capacity Building

~~Researchers conducted surveys of sheltered workshops and subminimum wage program providers and identified 26 work activities that can be done by subminimum wage workers with support. From this information, the researchers identified 95 occupations as being potential matches for subminimum wage workers. including  Llaborers/movers, retail salespersons, and
nursing/home health aides.  An estimated 1.4 million Pennsylvania workers were employed in the 95 occupations from 2012-2015 (26.7 percent of the state’s workforce). The results from the quantitative analysis point to a number of employment
barriers (for jobseekers with disabilities) in the 95 identified occupations for which subminimum wage workers are likely to compete, including higher levels of competition in rural areas, higher susceptibility to automation, lower pay, and lower expected job growth.”

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  • Segregated Day & Employment Services
  • Center for Rural Pennsylvania, a legislative agency of the Pennsylvania General Assembly
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