Rhode Island Global Consumer Choice Compact 1115 Waiver Taskforce Employment Workgroup Recommendations Paper

Rhode Island

State Policies & Initiatives: 
Medicaid & Employment

“The Global Waiver establishes a new federal/state compact that gives the state greater flexibility to provide [Medicare and Medicaid] services in a more cost-effective way that will better meet the needs of Rhode Islanders. On May 12, 2009, Executive Office of Health & Human Services (EOHHS) held the first meeting of their 65 member Task Force. At this meeting, six workgroups, including the Employment Workgroup, were described to Task Force members who were then asked to join at least one of these workgroups. Any Rhode Islander could join any of the workgroups at the discretion of the respective Workgroup Chairperson.”

  • Medicaid Agencies
  • Other
  • Home and Community Based Services (HCBS)
  • Executive Office of Health and Human Services
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