Frequently Asked Questions Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Rhode Island

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~~“To be eligible for ORS services, you must --
have a physical, intellectual, or emotional impairment which is a substantial barrier to employment, and require vocational rehabilitation services to prepare for, obtain, or maintain employment, and be able to benefit from vocational rehabilitation services in terms of an employment outcome.

What is the Order of Selection?

Whenever the state Vocational Rehabilitation agency does not have enough resources to help everyone who is eligible for services, a priority system must be used. This system is called an Order of Selection. In Rhode Island, there are three (3) priority categories. The three (3) priority categories are defined by the severity of an individual's disability, including how many life areas are limited as a result of the disability. There are seven (7) life areas which may be limited by a disability: mobility, communication interpersonal skills, self-care, self-direction, work skills and work tolerance.”

  • Department of Rehabilitation Services
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