Employment First In South Carolina

South Carolina

One of the greatest challenges faced by people with disabilities has been securing and maintaining meaningful employment . SCDDSN believes that most people who want a job should be able to have one and regardless of his or her disability, can work if provided with necessary and appropriate supports. Employment First Assumes the following: 1) Assumes employment is the preferred day services option for adults with disability 2) Assumes people with disabilities require/ want services/support to obtain or maintain employment 3) Promotes Employment rather than non-work services options as the primary option for adults from the first contracts through all contracts 4) Arms Staff with a thorough knowledge of employment service/ supports and of employment related solutions/issues, 5) Ensures that the selection of non-work service options are made based on informed choice, after careful considerations and after attempts to remove barriers to employment have been unsuccessful 6) Responds quickly to those choosing employment without extending waiting periods for service and without first being subjected to non-works options. 7) Has in place well qualified providers who can readily: - Assess readiness and preferences - Match people to and place people in appropriate jobs selected from and array of possibility - Provide on the job training and coaching - Provide support as needed to sustain employment

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