State Profiles


The state motto of Alabama is "We Dare Defend Our Rights," including the rights of individuals with disabilities to have real employment opportunities at competitive wages. 

Alaska State Map

With the official slogan being, "Beyond your Dreams, within your Reach," the state of Alaska understands the importance of promoting employment opportunities for everyone, including individuals with disabilities.  

American Samoa [Territory]

"Proud to have the highest rate of military enlistment of any U.S. state or territory": Honoring wounded warriors and all people with disabilities by supporting their competitive, integrated employment.

Arizona State Map

In the Grand Canyon State of Arizona, people appreciate the value of independence, so the need to promote career success is the top priority for individuals with disabilities.


The Natural State of Arkansas celebrates that disability is a natural part of life, and should not limit the career opportunities for hard workers with disabilities.


The Golden State is a place where you can "Find Yourself" through a rewarding career, including those with disabilities who are ready to live the California Dream.


The sky is the limit in the state of Colorado, where people with disabilities are raising expectations and achieving high standards of independence through employment opportunities.


People know what constitutes great employment opportunities for workers with disabilities in the Constitution State of Connecticut.


The First State of Delaware knows the value of Employment First for workers with disabilities to succeed at their careers and live independently in their communities.


Things are looking bright for workers with disabilities who are excelling at their careers and living independent lives in the Sunshine State of Florida.


Things are looking peachy for workers with disabilities in the great state of Georgia, where high expectations are on the horizon.

Guam [Territory]

"Where America's Day Begins": Each day begins with new job opportunities for people with disabilities.


Disability is a respected part of diversity in the Rainbow State of Hawaii, where employees with disabilities are saying "Aloha" to new job opportunities across the state. 


The Employment First movement is perpetual in Idaho, where anybody with the will to work is never stuck being a "couch potato."


In the Prairie State of Illinois, there is mile after magnificent mile of opportunity to expand competitive, integrated employment options for individuals with disabilities. 


Start your engines for fast paced jobs in the Crossroads of America! The state of Indiana is ready for workers with disabilities to cross the finish line of career success! 


The motto of the state of Iowa is, "Our Liberties We Prize and Our Rights We Will Maintain." For Iowans with disabilities, this includes the liberties that come with having a job, and equal rights to real work for real pay.


There's no place like the workplace for great career opportunities for employees with disabilities in the Sunflower State of Kansas. See what Kansas is doing to make sure that workers with disabilities are bringing home the dough in America's Bread Basket.


The unbridled spirit of Kentucky has shown that people with disabilities are able to succeed in their careers here in the Bluegrass State.


The Bayou State welcomes you to come as you are, thus inciting a motto of inclusion that should also engage and encompass Louisianans with disabilities in the general workforce and economic mainstream. 


The state of Maine knows that Employment First is "The Way Life Should Be" for all people with disabilities who dream of having a successful career in their community.


The numerous efforts to support individuals with disabilities in securing and sustaining competitive, integrated employment in the Old Line State of Maryland are more than you can imagine. We're open for business, and welcome the skills and talents of workers with disabilities! 


With a commitment to advancing competitive, integrated employment opportunities for workers with disabilities, the state's slogan of "Make It In Massachusetts!" is one inclusive of all state residents.


Employers in the Great Lakes State know you can "Give Your Business the Upper Hand" in Michigan by creating job opportunities for workers with disabilities to reach their full potential and live the lives they choose.


Individuals with disabilities should reach for the stars and pursue their dreams when it comes to exploring their employment options in the North Star State of Minnesota!


Mississippi "feels like coming home" for workers with disabilities who have found great jobs in their communities in the Magnolia State.


The Show Me State is expanding its efforts to deliver competitive, integrated employment options for individuals with disabilities through innovative strategies that propel Missouri's model, "Close to Home, Far from Ordinary."


When it comes to efforts to increase employment opportunities for workers with disabilities in Montana, the sky is the limit in the "Big Sky Country."


With the right level of focus on Employment First systems-change efforts, individuals with disabilities could be living "The Good Life" in the state of Nebraska.


In the Silver State of Nevada, workers with disabilities don't have to take a gamble on their future when it comes to finding career success and employment opportunities.

New Hampshire

The motto of the Granite State is "Live Free Or Die," a message that aligns well with New Hampshire's efforts to expand real jobs at real wages for workers with disabilities.

New Jersey

With a commitment to Liberty and Prosperity, workers with disabilities are encouraged to aim high and go after their dreams for employment and economic advancement in the Garden State of New Jersey!

New Mexico

In the Land of Enchantment, Employment First in New Mexico could "Grow as it goes!"

New York

Career opportunities for people with disabilities in the Empire State of New York are growing "Ever upwards!" If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

North Carolina

North Carolina was the First in Flight, and now things could soar for workers with disabilities who are taking their careers to new heights though Employment First!

North Dakota

The Peace Garden State of North Dakota is legendary for many reasons, setting a path for another lasting success story related to the career aspirations of its workers with disabilities. 

Northern Mariana Islands [Territory]

"In the Middle of the Sea": Where the hope for competitive integrated employment for people with disabilities is as vast as the sea.


 In Ohio Employment First is for "Every person. Every talent. Every opportunity."


With the motto "Labor Conquers All Things," it's clear that Oklahoma values the contributions of all workers, including workers with disabilities, and has plenty to offer when it comes to career development.


The Beaver State of Oregon believes that "Things Look Different Here" when it comes to creating innovative employment options for workers with disabilities.


In the State of Independence, Pennsylvania is working steadfast to support workers with disabilities who want to pursue careers and optimal self-sufficiency. 

Puerto Rico [Territory]

"Rich Port": Where the richness of having a competitive job at a living wage is possible for all people with disabilities.

Rhode Island

With an incredible Employment First revolution happening in Rhode Island, there is "Hope" for a bright future for all workers with disabilities in the Ocean State.

South Carolina

The Palmetto State is "Prepared in Mind and Resources" when it comes to improving supports for individuals with disabilities to increase access to competitive, integrated employment and socioeconomic advancement in South Carolina.

South Dakota

The Mount Rushmore state of South Dakota is famous for "Great Faces, Great Places," including the great faces of individuals with disabilities, who want to work in great places that support their career development and advancement.


Tennessee is the Volunteer State, and its outstanding Employment First initiatives for individuals with disabilities show why this state exemplifies "America at its Best!"


Everything's Bigger in Texas, including the number of job options in integrated settings at competitive wages for individuals with disabilities. The Lone Star state is a place where anyone, including those with disabilities, can live the American Dream… Deep in the Heart of Texas! 

U.S. Virgin Islands [Territory]

"United in Pride and Hope": Standing united in the hope that all people with disabilities can work at integrated competitive jobs..


"Industry" is the motto of the Beehive State, and it's easy to see why Utah is "Still the Right Place" for individuals with disabilities to find competitive, integrated employment opportunities and socioeconomic advancement through Employment First.


"Freedom and Unity" is the motto of the Green Mountain State, and as one of the early leaders in advocating for competitive integrated employment for workers with disabilities, it's clear that Vermont has what it takes to put Employment First!


Known affectionately as "The Place for Lovers," individuals with disabilities in the Commonwealth have the opportunity with the right supports and services to Live Passionately by having careers in competitive integrated employment and being full participants in their communities. 


In the Evergreen State of Washington, individuals with disabilities are thriving in the "Home of Bigfoot and Big Imaginations" through clever innovations in promoting Universal Design in the workplace for all workers.

Washington DC

With the motto "Justice for All," the District of Columbia is committed to equal rights and opportunities for all people with disabilities, especially when it comes to Employment First and career success.

West Virginia

The Mountain State of West Virginia is "Open for Business", and as such is ripe for the benefits of Employment First systems-change efforts as a way to improve socioeconomic outcomes for individuals with disabilities.


The motto of Wisconsin is "Forward," and it's clear to see that things are moving forward on Employment First initiatives that are empowering individuals with disabilities to find success in the careers they choose.


With the motto "Equal Rights," the Equality State of Wyoming is committed to equal employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities "Like No Place on Earth!"