Clover Bottom, Greene Valley, and Nat T. Winston Developmental Centers - Memorandum Approving Exit Plan (2015)


State Policies & Initiatives: 
To effectively facilitate reform in mental health services, the Court cannot allow “perfect to become the enemy of good” nor allow the concepts of federalism and separation of powers to be ignored. The Court concludes that the Exit Plan presented by the Parties is “fair, reasonable, and adequate” and provides the next iteration of improvement to the lives of those with disabilities in Tennessee. It will test political will and legislative leadership to continue that progress and to determine how best to care for those often left in the shadows. 
For the reasons detailed above, the Court will grant the unopposed joint motion seeking approval of an Exit Plan (Docket No. 1118-1) and entry of a proposed Agreed Order (Docket No. 1118-2). The Motion to Intervene brought by conservators of GVDC residents and Citizens for a Better Tennessee (Docket No. 1121) will be denied. .
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