Tennessee’s Independent Living & Developmental Disabilities Network: Joint Publication on Network Programs and Collaborations


State Policies & Initiatives: 

“In September 2015, Tennessee agencies funded through the Developmental Disabilities Act and Tennessee’s Independent Living programs funded through the Rehabilitation Act met to begin strategic coordination among our organizations. Having been recently relocated to a new federal Administration on Disabilities, our programs had an opportunity to increase our impact in Tennessee by joining forces to address common goals. Together we established a shared priority: improving youth transition outcomes through postsecondary education and job training that leads to competitive and integrated employment. Since that time, our two networks continue to meet together to work on details of joint projects, including this publication!

We hope you find this publication informative and that you learn something new about the programs across Tennessee funded under the Independent Living Administration and the Developmental Disabilities Act. Please reach out to us to find ways that you can become involved in our work. We are always interested in hearing from Tennesseans with disabilities about your experiences in getting supports and services you need.”

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