Notice of Change in TennCare II Demonstration: Amendment 37


~~Amendment 37 also includes a number 
of other adjustments to ECF CHOICES based  on  learnings  from  the  first  two  years  of  the  program’s  implementation. The other
changes to the ECF CHOICES program proposed in Amendment 37 are:
•Modifying   the   Expenditure   Caps   for   the   existing   ECF   CHOICES   Groups   5   and   6. These modifications will give  the  State  additional flexibility to target services  based  on  a  person’s identified   needs   and   will enhance access to Supported Employment and/or Individual Employment Support benefits.
•Expanding the existing exception for persons who are transitioning into ECF CHOICES Group 6 from one of the State’s 1915(c) waiver programs and who are “at risk” of institutionalization to also apply to persons who are transitioning into ECF CHOICES from an Intermediate Care Facility
for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities.
•Clarifying that a person who meets the nursing facility level of care criteria may be enrolled in ECF CHOICES Group 5 so long as the person’s needs can be safely met in Group 5.
•Modifications and clarifications to certain ECF CHOICES service definitions.

State Policies & Initiatives: 
  • Other
  • Home and Community Based Services (HCBS)
  • TennCare
Date Enacted: