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~~“A GUIDE FOR EMPLOYERS AND SUPERVISORS- Returning to Work after Deployment
• Educate co-workers. Before the service member returns to work, meet with their co-workers. Explain the importance of being supportive of the service member. Remind employees not to ask sensitive questions. This includes questions about injuries or combat experiences. 
• Update the service member. Meet with service members to discuss their job duties. Give them detailed job tasks that are manageable. Explain any new policies or staff changes.  This will help them feel part of the work force again.
• Educate the returning service member. This can include any job- related training or education requirements. This will help them feel more confident in their skills. 
• Allow for readjustment time. Be aware that everyone is different. Some people need more time adjust. Encourage the service member to ask for guidance and support. Make sure they take breaks throughout the day. This will help reduce excess stress. 
• Provide special accommodations. Plan for the special needs of those who have been injured. The service member’s family can help identify potential problem areas at work.”

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