Utah New Choices Waiver


~~"Utah's New Choices Waiver (NCW) is a Medicaid program intended to help elderly and disabled individuals who currently reside in a Medicaid-funded, assisted living community, small health care facility, or nursing home. The program provides a variety of care services and supports to enable persons to move from their current community back into their homes or into the homes of family members and caregivers. The Waiver pays for supports, such as chore services, home access modifications, home delivered meals, non-medical transportation, and care services like adult day care and attendant care.

The New Choices Waiver is only for persons who are already receiving assistance from Medicaid for nursing home care. Utah offers a similar Medicaid waiver for those who require nursing home level care, but are not already receiving it and wish to remain living at home. This is called the "Elderly" or "Aging Waiver". The New Choices Waiver offers more liberal income requirements than does the Aging Waiver.”

State Policies & Initiatives: 
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  • Home and Community Based Services (HCBS)