WI Employment First Community Action Team’s (CATs)


~~“As part of the Wisconsin Employment First Initiative, four organizations received grant funding from WI BPDD to develop local Community Action Teams (CATS).  The purpose of the CATS is to implement grassroots efforts to expand integrated employment options for people with disabilities in their local communities. The five CATs are located in Racine, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Manitowoc and Hudson.

Definition: The purpose of the Employment First CATs is to is to implement practices around the state that support Employment First principles and practices, resulting in a significant increase in the number of people with disabilities in working in community jobs.  CAT membership is diverse and includes:  People with disabilities, family members, legislators, educators, employment providers, employers, People First members, and other community organizations.  The CATs promote Employment First principles and practices to help achieve increased integrated employment outcomes on a regional or local level.  Each of the CAT has specific responsibilities to advance the goals of Employment First.  This includes the development of an annual Action Plan to achieve locally-determined goals and objectives to increase the number of people with disabilities who hold integrated jobs.”

The Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities and National APSE  teamed up to fund the technical assistance and training of three to five pilot “Employment First” Community Action Teams (CATs) sites round the state.    “The purpose of the CATs is to implement practices around the state aligned with the Employment First Initiative to support an increased number of people with disabilities in Wisconsin to work in their communities. CATs will take the lead in implementing action plan items at a local level, setting local benchmarks, and reporting on progress”[

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