Transition Readiness Grant Application Evidence-Based Practices Fund


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~~“The Transition Readiness Grant program was established in FY 19 to assist districts and charter schools   under   Wis.   Stat. § 118.40(2r) and (2x) in   expanding   capacity   to   provide   transition   services   for   pupils   with   disabilities.   School   districts   and   charter   schools   under   Wis.   Stat.   § 118.40(2r) and (2x) are eligible to compete for funding for FY 20 that supports evidence-based practices related to successful transition from high school to beyond for students with IEPs. More about the $1.5 million Transition Readiness Grant Program can be found by accessing the weblink. Million- fund  will  support  ”

  • Department of Education
  • School-to-Work Transition
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